About Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting

Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting is a Communication, Performance, and Development Company. Through a unique Conceptual Consulting module, RFHGC is able to address many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, managing personalities, personnel motivation, and vision management.

One of our greatest strengths is assisting clients in conceptualizing solutions for their specific challenges. We accomplish this by utilizing the experiences gathered from a company’s work force to create our Universal Visioning Strategy or (UVS). Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting is convinced no outside source can effectively improve the inner workings of a business group without direct input from the personnel that carry out the daily tasks. With our UVS we employ motivation, self empowerment, and personal return to teach management skills, conflict resolution, leadership principles that ensure successful team habits.


Universal Visioning Strategy is a method to quickly harvest information and experiences from a company’s executives and workforce that helps them redeploy it for instant impact and value. 

The process of inclusion, shared value, and economic growth from top executives to front line employees, makes everyone contributors to the next company design version, while becoming equally invested to implement the new executive vision. The end result is an effective process that lets people fail without self ridicule on their way to tripling productivity and company growth. With increased employee buy-in, the environmental and financial aspects of the Triple Bottom Line are easier achieved. The result is a Personality Update for employees equal to that of any software update, but that also allows employees to grow and change with a company.

What do we do?

We manage executives and their people, design world‐class events, and aid leadership with executive coaching and communication development that inspires changes in people and industries. We don’t just give answers, we extract them from you and your people, update them, then give them back to you formatted for success. You can’t always be what people want you to be, but you can be a better version of yourself with the right help. You could wake up tomorrow happier, with more control, and ability that you’ve never had. Ready?

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