About Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting

We help Executives address many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, managing personalities, and figuring out where you are going.


Our super power is helping clients conceptualize solutions for their specific challenges.


We use the power of performance. Gathering experiences from a company’s workforce, RFHGC creates a Universal Visioning Strategy (UVS). No outside source can effectively improve the inner workings of a corporation without direct input from the personnel that carry out the daily work. With our process for visioning, personality management, conflict reduction, and leadership principles, we ensure successful team habits for outstanding sustained results.


What do we do?

  • We manage executives 
  • We manage their people 
  • We design world-class events
  • We make things run better

We are communication experts that redefine leadership and help executives and their teams speak to a new world, in a new time.


Executive Coaching

Frontline Development

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