Does Anti-Harassment & Diversity Training really work? Yes, if the right person is doing it! Our dual approach to Harassment & Diversity Training changes everything! We walk executives and employees through a skill teaching facilitation to learn what’s what in this corporate minefield. We collectively share the positives and challenges surrounding harassment and diversity in their dormant and active states. With Reaching for Higher Ground’s unique relationship process, this training connects the right people with the right human solutions that creates a multiplier effect for the entire company.

What are the tangible takeaways?

• Understanding there is a problem

• Employee Insight

• Real-time information to make better decisions & Policy

• Fewer gender biases and fear-based interactions

• Less female and male staff fear

• Increased Client focus

• Increased Employee Satisfaction with job

• Better skills for intervention

• Increased Employee Productivity

How Does It Work?

Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting has the collective assets, relationships, communication processes, and proven successes to connect the right people with the right human and technological solutions.


Our Anti-Harassment & Diversity Training creates a multiplier effect, in turn creating a successful environment for all in the organization.

1 hour

A RFHG Consultant will join you for the “Getting Started Overview Talk” of Anti-Harassment and Diversity Training with a 1 hour engagement. In a 40 minute talk and 20 minutes Q&A we will ease the fear of this kind of learning.


Use a Half Day to begin taking the keys of MT Anti-Harassment and Diversity training and tapping into how it works in your personal corporation. Talk about the specific challenges and discuss solutions that directly fit your company, the people, and the needs.

Full Day

Take the Full Day to expand on everything included in the Half Day training by going even deeper with department based or more specific meetings to implement solutions to challenges from the ground up.

Want to know more and how it can impact your company?