Organizational Health

Organizational Construction for Chief Executive Leadership

Creating Organizational Structure and Vision


Leveraging the Diversity and Equity Training of previous consultants, RFHGC will help establish Organizational Construction and unroll Organizational Practice Habits. Chief Executives will learn to employ RFHGC’s “This is How You Apply It” application training and Step-by-Step Methods. This experience based training is for the C-Level Executive Leadership Team


Delivering Structure Set by Chief Executive Leadership


Using CHANGE (a delivery tool) RFHGC creates an action process whose outcome is finding Universal Inclusion and Workplace Clarity.

CHANGE seeks to establish understanding and accountability at every level to address issues of communication, responsibility, and expectations. We seek to provide scaffolding where all leadership and those they serve, can find reasonable framework to examine the challenges of a productive and healthy work community. Leadership will learn to set easy to follow rules for how to do one’s job and manage interaction around all subjects including: issues regarding stereotypical assumptions about or by minorities; inclusion, research, education, and tangible accountability. 

Director Level

Delivering Structure, Set by “Report To” Leadership


First Pass Authority: How to Be an Effective Director


RFHGC will create a structure where Directors have full understanding of their role, and in that understanding find freedom. When the parameters are clear, you can run at full speed and never run into them.




Delivering a Product Within the Structure Set by Leadership


Using Motivation in Management Delivery: RFHGC will teach leaders how to motivate clients and communicate effectively.

Frontline (Staff)

Executing Exceptional Day to Day Service Within The Structure Set Forth by Leadership


We will lead Organizational Leadership, Management, and Frontline staff through a process of Feeling Calibration – The difference between what is truth and what someone feels about something..




Clients and everyone
within the organization


By using the multiple expertises of various RFHGC facilitators; clients, frontline staff, and executives will learn the foundation and application of Emotional Development and Personality Development, as they are locked in through inspiring and thought provoking performance play. Sharing a design that is equal parts physical study, intellectual rigor, and emotional expansion, RFHGC will help you reach your entire corporate  community.