Moving Past Racism

We help you talk about the uncomfortable and frightening subject of racism. We help you do this in a non-hurtful, attacking, or destructive manner. Identifying commonality in the accepted understanding that something has to change is our common foundation for where the conversation will start.

A community, company, or department discussion facilitated by Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting where all walk away with healing, tangible building, and future steps to move past the stigmas of racism. Using an approach of motivation and self empowerment to teach communication, conflict resolution, leadership principles and successful team habits, “Moving Past Racism” takes the fear around this topic and turns it into learning and action-based steps to a better workplace for all.


Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting has been teaching lessons of behavior delivery, life skills, family development, and mechanizing school and community partnership for over 2 decades. The healthy comparison based evaluation approaches through workshops, interactive lectures, and community unifying events are created in a manner that all demographics can hear and accept. Using the filter of McLeod Technique principles and a 25 year tested process for parents, teachers & administration, students, and law enforcement, our partner organizations and companies will help address fears, acceptance, and valuable life lessons where community members walk away empowered. This provides a tangible process for continuing the work to improve family, school, and community relationships.