Corporate Products

Corporations and leading businesses always upgrade their technology and computer operating systems, but when was the last time they updated interpersonal and developmental understanding of the people that run the incredibly expensive technology they have purchased?

MT Motivational

It starts with your people.

Through the use of Emotional and Personality Development, Mr. McLeod and his team are able to address many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, managing personalities, personnel motivation and vision management. The Reaching for Higher Ground Team is convinced that no outside source can effectively improve the inner workings of a business or group without input from personnel that carry out the daily tasks. With this module we are able to use an approach of motivation and self empowerment to teach management skills, conflict resolution, leadership principles and successful team habits.

MT Executive

Meet your tangible future

The Goal is for executives, their decision-makers, financial partners, front-line staff, and the host to all walk away with a feeling of inclusion, education and inspiration. Leave with tangible takeaways, recommended best practices and feeling emotionally formidable to move forward & start implementing these solutions in your business. The roundtable will bring diverse groups of executives and industry experts together in one room to collaborate. Through focused and facilitated conversations we will collectively share successful solutions based on past real-world business challenges.

Innovative Conference & Summit Design​

Design & launch Events, Initiatives, and Summits

Using the power of performance, personality development and creative skills, Reaching for Higher Ground addresses many of the challenges associated with communicating clearly, designing world-class events, managing executives and their people, and engaging CEO’s in off book turn key strategies for gaining the diverse and creative resources found in a companies frontline employees. Using the framework of Emotional and Personality Development, your training summit or conference will be like no other.

Universities & Schools : Promote a learning event around race, diversity, and life success!


Be the most successful you, you can be!

Through Personality Development and Emotional Development, delivered through consulting, lecturing and motivational action sessions, Mr. McLeod and Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting Facilitators address the goals, fears, and tangible next steps for university students about to enter the professional world. Whether a freshman just starting to map the 4 year plan, or a grad student measuring up to face the world, the end result is an effective interaction that lets people fail with a smile on their face, while well on their way to personal growth and success.

Addressing Subjects
of Race

Getting a Place at the Table

A thought-provoking interactive lecture presentation and audience-based Q & A. Sean McLeod and RFHGC explores with the audience the stereotypical, social, and cultural realities of America, and provides tangible examples of how to overcome many of life’s challenges. The Facilitator helps everyone with challenges to see their potential for success, and never allows them to settle on being passive victims of circumstance. This inspires all in attendance to become engaged motivators themselves, as we all pave the way towards success, happiness, and peace.

Helping Women & Girls
Address Challenge

Take control of your Life

A unique approach to emotional development powered by the arts including: music, dance, and comedy, critical writing sessions, and a tangible life skill development process using direct and fear-reducing participant conversations called “Talk Arounds”. With the stigma around women on college campuses, self-responsibility, and accountability, this program draws on the specific challenges of the participating demographic, while giving tangible steps forward for the women, the faculty and staff, and the entire student body of the campus.

Understanding Difference

What is Diversity in your School?


The fear of racism is a powerful persuasion tool, and decision makers need facilitators who can both create a policy of diversity, while also being able to withstand the initial attacks. Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting’s approach works because it doesn’t just make African Americans feel good and appreciated, but all populations of a school including Caucasian. RFHGC’s methodology is concentrated in one principle: “INCLUSION.”

Motivational Speaking

It starts with your people.


Through Personality Development and Emotional Development, delivered through consulting, lecturing and motivational action sessions, Mr. McLeod and Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting Facilitators address interpersonal conflicts that impede progress and performance in schools, and specific to your school. The greatest strength of this approach is assisting administrators in conceptualizing solutions for their specific challenges, while openly addressing problems and solutions with students, parents, and teachers as well.

Tolerance of Others

What does Tolerance mean?


Tolerance of Others uses a “Talk Show” or Oprah format to open a discussion which explores being cool, peer pressure, getting high grades, and being accepted by one’s peers. Using Comedy, Dance, Song, Martial Arts and inspiring Orator skills, this event entices children, teens and adults to listen and openly discuss their beliefs. Through comedy, participants laugh and then experience the irony of the not-so-funny. Together the presenter and participants examine how we can justify accepting a pet that may be black, white, fat or skinny, but, at the same time, not be able to accept a human being who may have any of those same characteristics.