Schools: Change the culture of the entire school building

MT Diversity

What is Diversity in your School?

The fear of racism is a powerful persuasion tool, and decision makers need facilitators who can both create a policy of diversity, while also being able to withstand the initial attacks. Sean McLeod’s approach works because it doesn’t just make African Americans feel good and appreciated, but all populations of a school including Caucasian. Sean’s methodology is concentrated in one principle: “INCLUSION.”

MT Motivational Speaking

It starts with your people.

Through Personality Development and Emotional Development, delivered through consulting, lecturing and motivational action sessions, Mr. McLeod and Reaching for Higher Ground Consulting Facilitators address interpersonal conflicts that impede progress and performance in schools, and specific to your school. The greatest strength of this approach is assisting administrators in conceptualizing solutions for their specific challenges, while openly addressing problems and solutions with students, parents, and teachers as well.

“Tolerance of Others"

Tolerance of Others uses a “Talk Show” or Oprah format to open a discussion which explores being cool, peer pressure, getting high grades, and being accepted by one’s peers.  Using Comedy, Dance, Song, Martial Arts and inspiring Orator skills, this event entices children, teens and adults to listen and openly discuss their beliefs. Through comedy, participants laugh and then experience the irony of the not-so-funny. Together the presenter and participants examine how we can justify accepting a pet that may be black, white, fat or skinny, but, at the same time, not be able to accept a human being who may have any of those same characteristics.